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Anne Quevillion is getting a first-hand experience of the political realities of Ottawa. The student from Ecole Secondaire Theriault has been picked to participate in the national parliamentary program Forum for Young Canadians. The program attracts students from across Canada to spend a week being immersed in how Parliament operates.

Charlie Angus says it is an amazing experience for young people.

"Forum for Young Canadians is an incredible program. Anne Quevillion loves politics and learning how to make positive change. This will be an amazing experience for her."

Every year Forum for Young Canadians hosts a number of sessions in Ottawa. Angus says he is pleased to see how many students from Ecole Theriault participate in the program.

"I encourage students from across the riding to participate in Forum for Young Canadians. I am always pleased to see the strong participation of Theriault students. It is a reflection of the strong community and civics direction at the school."

Students who are interested in the forum can apply here:

For other opportunities on Parliament Hill click here:

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