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Summer students are hard at work throughout Timmins-James Bay and Charlie Angus took some time yesterday to say hello to a few of them. The riding received record funding this year of over 1.8-million dollars putting over 520 students to work.

Angus says he is proud of the partnership with Service Canada. “We work very hard every year to try and get as much funding as we can so that we can assist groups, businesses and organizations hire extra staff for the summer months. This year was an exceptional year for us.”

Angus says the Canada Summer Jobs program is terrific in providing that little extra money to hire additional staff. “What the funding does is allow the recipients to offer services that might not otherwise be feasible. And for some smaller groups, the extra staff can be the difference between having to shut down certain programs and services or being able to operate.”

Angus is hoping to be able to visit a number of students over the next few weeks. “Obviously, with the covid restrictions, it was difficult to meet face to face with these talented students. But now, as restrictions ease, I am hopeful to be able to thank them for participating.”

Urban Park Coordinators from left to right...Alison McManus, Aira Abrenica, and Emma Laiho

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