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New Democrats fighting for people who need support during the pandemic

With some provinces still dealing with different lockdowns and pandemic rules in place, small businesses and workers in some industries are not able to go back to work. Yet instead of helping small businesses and workers for as long as they need it, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government will cut the help they rely on – the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) – by $800 a month starting in July for families who still rely on it to make ends meet.

“The Liberals want to reduce benefits for those still on the CRB before Canadians are fully vaccinated and back to work. This is the wrong thing to do,” said Charlie Angus . “People need support as long as the pandemic prevents them from going back to work. Justin Trudeau should deliver help to people, not take it away while families struggle to make ends meet. New Democrats will continue to fight to make sure Canadians get the support they need for as long as they need it.”

Today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wrote to Justin Trudeau to reiterate the urgency to cancel Trudeau’s cut to the CRB so that families aren’t left in the lurch while some communities and industries are still dealing with the third wave of COVID-19. While many Canadians still don’t have jobs to return to, the Liberals are trying to force through the Budget Implementation Act (BIA, Bill C-30) without fixing this unnecessary cut to the CRB that will leave families struggling.

“When big profitable companies and the ultra-rich need someone on their side, Justin Trudeau is ready to deliver. But when Canadians don't have jobs to return to amid a pandemic, Justin Trudeau doesn’t see a problem with cutting the help they need to survive,” said Singh. “It shouldn’t be this way. Canadians deserve a government that is on their side. Canadians can count on New Democrats to always fight for them and the help they need.”

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