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Charlie Angus says the restoration of the Northlander train is one of his political priorities. He is welcoming the establishment of the All Aboard Northern Ontario Coalition to examine steps needed to restore passenger train service to Northern Ontario and Muskoka.

Speaking in Parliament, Angus points out that the cancellation of the train service has been very detrimental to the north.

It has been five years since the provincial liberal government cancelled the Northlander train. This decision has had a huge impact on communities across Northern Ontario and Muskoka. Politically it shows in no uncertain terms that to the Ontario liberal government there are two Ontario’s -- one that counts and one that doesn’t.”

Angus says the abandonment of the Northlander train by the Liberals mirrors a pattern across rural and northern Canada.

“It is unacceptable for the government to state that subsidized public transit is a priority for urban, suburban Canada while the people of the north are abandoned to shut down rail stations and privatized road maintenance.”

Angus has pledged his support to help the efforts to make passenger train service a reality.

I welcome the work of the All Aboard coalition and will work full out with my provincial NDP to restore the Northlander train. Public transit is a right. And we look forward to the restoration of this historic symbol of northern pride.”


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