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Charlie Angus will be introducing a bill into the House of Commons to strengthen FedNor as a standalone agency. This move would finally put North Ontario on equal footing with every other economic agency in the country by providing greater independence, transparency, and accountability. In light, of the continued FedNor cuts, the NDP’s FedNor critic Charlie Angus says this is a necessary step to grow Northern Ontario’s economy.

“I first decided to run for office, because, I was tired of watching Ottawa ignore the needs and voices of people especially in our region of Northern Ontario. That has been the foundation of my work in Ottawa, and it’s why I am putting forward legislation to make FedNor a standalone agency, putting us on equal footing with every other part of Canada. Canadians I talk to want a good job and a bright future for their kids. Making FedNor a standalone agency will help do just that.”

Angus’ legislation will strengthen FedNor in the face of the Liberals’ fading commitment to Northern Ontario by restoring the position of Minister of Federal Economic Development in Northern Ontario. This bill will also provide transparency and accountability around the cuts to funding, staffing, and programming such as broadband. Angus says this legislation is about delivering on a real vision of economic development for Northern Ontario.

Protecting regional voices and strengthening targeted investments that focus on small and medium sized businesses is our vision of economic development for Northern Ontario and FedNor plays a crucial role investing in our economy. It’s quite simple, growing our economy is a win not only for Northern Ontario, but, the entire country.”


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