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Charlie Angus has been given the 2018 “Voice for the Voiceless” Award by the Anatolia Muslim Centre in Mississauga. The award was given at a special interfaith dinner that included representatives of the Christian, Jewish, Bahai, Hindu and Sikh communities. Angus was recognized for his work as an advocate on issues such as suicide prevention, palliative care, Indigenous youth issues and his work on the environment.

Angus says he was honoured to be recognized by the Muslim community in Mississauga.

I have such deep respect for the deep sense of solidarity and commitment to social justice among the Muslim community in Canada. I feel very much at home with them because I learned those same traditions of helping the poor and speaking up for the marginalized in the faith tradition I grew up in.”

Angus was one of a number of leaders who were recognized for their work. Bernie Farber, former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress was also recognized. The event was part of the Ramadan celebrations.

Angus told the crowd that all politicians should be seen as the voice for the voiceless in our society

Running for political office is about being a servant of the public. We are called to be a voice for those who have no voice, to build bridges rather than walls of division. Politics should be about building a better and stronger sense of community. This award reminds me of the need to put those values front and center in everything I do.”

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