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Trudeau’s alternative facts on democratic reform

When asked yesterday by a concerned Canadian why he was abandoning democratic reform, Justin Trudeau blamed the NDP and tried to scare Canadians instead of taking responsibility for breaking his promise.

He went so far as to say "Proportional representation in any form would be bad for Canada". This is desperate cynicism from a Prime Minister who promised to be different.

Contrary to Trudeau’s alternative facts, keeping our current system is the most dangerous prospect:

  • If Kellie Leitch becomes the Conservative leader, our outdated system would allow her to form government even though the vast majority of Canadians oppose her divisive policies.

  • A proportional system would ensure fringe elements are kept on the fringe.

  • Donald Trump managed to manipulate the American first -past-the-post into a victory even though the majority of Americans did not vote for him.

  • Stephen Harper was able to seize 100% of the power with 39% of the vote.

Again contrary to Trudeau’s alternative facts, Liberals are the only ones standing in the way of democratic reform:

  • Two-thirds of Canadians voted for parties promising electoral reform in the last election.

  • Almost 90% of experts and public testimony at committee hearings called for the government to adopt a proportional voting system.

  • The Liberals did not propose an alternative to the current system and instead they stonewalled any progress on democratic reform.

  • Justin Trudeau lied to Canadians when he said 2015 would be the last election under first-past-the-post.

  • Trudeau now admits that the only system he would have accepted is one that disproportionately benefits the Liberals.

Canadians were told Trudeau would be different. Instead, it’s becoming clear that Liberals are only interested in helping themselves.

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