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Charlie Angus has thrown his support behind a bid by the city of Timmins to secure Noront’s proposed ferrochrome smelter. Angus has written to Noront’s board of directors. He says Timmins is well positioned in Ontario’s north to host this project.

 “We have excellent transport links to the south as well as a workforce that has the skills, expertise and drive to make it a success. The Kidd Metallurgical site is well-suited as-is to this kind of project, which would make Timmins a highly competitive choice.”

Angus says the project will have a huge benefit for the entire region and will help consolidate the Ontario Northland freight operations. For this reason he says it’s important for the entire region to support the project. “The Timmins bid has the support at all 3 levels of government, who are happy to work together to deliver new projects and opportunities for the north.

Angus says developing the Ring of Fire is a priority for everyone in Northern Ontario and Timmins is an ideal choice for processing the region’s mineral wealth. “We know that the benefits from the Ring of Fire will be felt across the north but Timmins remains, in my mind, the ideal choice for a smelting facility.”


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