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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

OTTAWA – The escalating trade dispute with the United States is hitting home in the north and Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus says the Liberal government needs to carry some of the weight. In a letter to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Angus raised concerns about the impact of the ongoing trade war on northern boat dealers.

“These tariffs are having a huge impact on industries like boating that are very seasonal, but the government’s foot-dragging on consultation has left them out in the cold all summer long. This is usually a busy season for them, and they’re feeling the pinch.”

In June, the government announced promised that it would be consulting with affected stakeholders over the impacts of the trade war, but so far this promise hasn’t materialized for the boating industry.

In his letter to Morneau, Angus stressed the need for a balanced approach to tariffs:

“There is a need for fairness and balance here. However, that fairness has not materialized. I have heard concerns from my constituents affected by the tariffs on boating goods that they have not been consulted, and are worried that their most profitable season will have come and gone without the government having heard their concerns.”

Angus says Canadians are more than willing to stand up to Donald Trump’s bully tactics but that the government has to be willing to ensure that Canadian businesses are given some support.

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