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Charlie Angus is applauding the work of the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission in improving bus service along the Highway 11 corridor. Under the proposed changes, travellers on the night bus will have their wait times in North Bay cut to a mere 25 minutes from the present 2.5 hour wait. As well, there will be a semi-express service from Timmins to Toronto connecting through Sudbury. The bus service from North Bay will be connecting to the Ottawa service.

Angus says these changes are good for the region and good for the ONTC.

"Ever since the Provincial Liberals killed train service in the north, the role of the bus has become increasingly important. There were problems with the previous schedule that could impact ridership. I am pleased to see the ONTC responded to those concerns. We all have a stake in working together to maintain this vital transportation link through the north."

Angus had spoken out earlier this year on the problems with the overnight bus schedule that was making it hard for seniors who needed to travel to points north of North Bay. Angus says the ONTC is listening and shows a willingness to work to maintain the service for the north.

"I have taken the bus many times. It is a safe option and the drivers do incredible work driving through sometimes difficult circumstances. I encourage anyone who is looking at travelling north or south this summer to consider taking a ride on our public transportation link."

The bus changes are scheduled to come into effect in July.


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