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New Democrats have secured a significant victory for Canadians in the process of democratic reform. The Liberal government has announced it will support the NDP's motion that establishes a committee to study future voting systems that represents all parties in Parliament and does not give an advantage to any single party.

"This is a positive first step towards what we hope will be meaningful democratic reform for Canadians,” said NDP Critic Democratic Reform, Nathan Cullen. "The important victory that we secured today means that all Canadians will be better heard through this process.”

For five months, the NDP has been pushing proposals and asking the Liberal government to take meaningful steps in moving forward on the fundamental issue of changing the current electoral system. The vast majority of Canadians have expressed that they want to move beyond the current winner-take-all, First Past the Post system.

"With this agreement, we are happy to have brought parties together and secured substantial concessions from the government,” said Charlie Angus. "As a result the committee will better reflect Canadians' votes, something that the next electoral system should also reflect.”

The vote on the NDP motion will take place next week but is expected to pass with government support.

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