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The Federal Council of the New Democratic Party of Canada met in Ottawa today to make key decisions about the process for the NDP to elect its next leader. Council has decided that the next leader will be elected between September 17, 2017 and October 31, 2017.

The nomination period will begin on July 2, 2016.

"Council has given potential candidates a time frame that will allow for a fair and competitive race, while giving enough time for the new Leader to prepare for the general election,” said Party President Marit Stiles.

As per the party Constitution, the Leader will be elected by secret ballot. Every member is entitled to cast a ballot for the selection of the Leader. Candidates for the leadership with the fewest number of votes will drop off the ballot in subsequent rounds until one candidate receives 50% plus one or more of the total votes cast in that round.

New Democrats from coast to coast to coast will be called on to make a very important decision for the future of our Party. The process for replacing the Liberal government by a truly progressive, NDP government begins today.

In order to run, Candidates will be required to provide a registration fee of $30,000.  The spending limit has been established at $1.5 million. Administration fees of 25% will be levied on all monetary donations.

Other decisions regarding the rules of the leadership race will be discussed by the Federal Council Executive Committee in the coming weeks, and announcements will be made accordingly.

In compliance with the Elections Act, notice will be given to Elections Canada to inform them about the start and end dates of the leadership contest.

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