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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

IROQUOIS FALLS – Over 50 miners at the Sage Gold operation near Timmins have been shortchanged their pay and severance. The mine is in receivership and the workers haven’t been paid by the contract company R. Ritchie Services. This is creating serious economic hardship for many families in the area. MP Charlie Angus has met with the workers and has vowed to help them.

“These miners were hired by a mining contractor. They have done the work that was asked of them and now they are facing financial ruin because the contractor hasn’t paid them for their work.”

Angus and MPP John Vanthof are pushing the Ministry of Labour to move quickly in getting the contractor to pay the money owed. Vanthof says he will take the issue up at Queen’s Park.

“There are legal obligations to pay the workers and to ensure they get the proper severance and vacation pay. We will take whatever steps are necessary to help these miners.”

Veteran miner Vesa Veikkola is a spokesman for the miners. He says the lack of pay is causing real hardship for his fellow workers.

“It’s really hard to come home and tell your wife and children that there’s no money in the bank and that you can’t pay your bills. This is putting a real strain on a lot of families in our area.”

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