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Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Charlie Angus is encouraging former gold and uranium miners who were exposed to aluminum powder to come forward as part of a special clinic. The McIntyre Powder Project is looking to establish potential neurological impacts in miners who were forced to breathe aluminum dust (McIntyre powder) as a condition of employment. Filling the lungs of miners with aluminum dust was a promoted as a pseudo-cure for silicosis by the mines between 1943 and 1980.

Angus has written extensively on the impacts of aluminum powder. His grandfather suffered severe neurological impairment after a lifetime of breathing the powder in the dry at McIntyre Mine. 

"My family were traumatized by the hard death suffered by my grandfather. We have been left with so many unanswered questions about the impacts of breathing aluminum dust on his later health problems. I encourage other families who have similar concerns to come forward for this important project.”

The clinic will be running for two days on May 11th and 12 at the Ramada Inn in Timmins. Several organizations will be attending such as OHCOW (Occupational Health clinic for Ontario Workers), doctors, nurses, hygenists, USW health and safety coordinators, and the office of the worker advisor. This project has been spearheaded by Janice Martell who has been advocating tirelessly on this issue.

"I want to applaud the amazing work and advocacy being done by Janice Martell as well as the organizations and unions that have supported her in this work. I am asking that any individual or family member who believes they are impacted to attend the clinic or reach out to their organization.”

Mcintyre powder Project:

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