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Charlie Angus is congratulating senior’s organizations in the region for securing New Horizons for Seniors funding. Projects across the riding now have funding to help upgrade and improve seniors' facilities and programs. Angus says community-based projects are eligible to receive up to $25,000 per year, per organization, in grant funding.

We have always done well with this program. For senior’s organizations, this is often the difference between proceeding with a project and not proceeding.”

Angus says funding is spread right across the riding.

Groups receiving funding include:

  • Iroquois Falls Pre-School Centre

  • Club Les 50+ Kirkland Lake

  • Cochrane District Social Planning Council

  • Science Timmins

  • Club Amical 50 Plus de Cochrane

  • Temiskaming Native Women’s Support Group

  • District of Cochrane Social Services

  • Conseil de la Coopération de l’Ontario

The program is geared towards organizations, led or inspired by senior that want to help seniors make a difference in the lives of others and in their communities.”

The criteria include promoting volunteerism, upgrading facilities, senior’s programs and increasing awareness of abuse.  


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