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Charlie Angus is reminding residents in Timmins-James Bay that if they need help with getting a disability tax credit, they can simply call his office in Timmins or Kirkland Lake for help. If you qualify, Angus says there is money available that you may not be aware exists.

In order to apply for the Disability Tax Credit, all the constituent has to do is get an application, get it filled out by the doctor and send it in. There needs to be a taxable income in the household.

“If anyone is looking to file their disability tax credit, I urge them to come to our office so that they can receive the full benefit.”

Angus says his staff works hard for constituents because it is part of the duty of an MP's office. But he points out that public clinics being offered by independent consultants are not free. “People can choose to go to one of these disability tax clinics but they will pay out of the money that they are entitled to. You could pay up to 30-percent."

Angus says if you are comfortable hiring someone to work for you…then by all means attend theses clinics. “However, if you want to fully benefit from your entitlements, you can simply call my office and we will help guide you through the process at no charge."

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