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Charlie Angus is questioning why the Canada Revenue Agency is targeting diabetics who are being denied the disability tax credit. The agency is targeting people with Type 1 diabetes, demanding they prove that they spend at least 14 hours a week dealing with insulin treatment. Angus says the tactics are heavy-handed and intended to exclude many people who legitimately should receive the tax credit, and who have accessed it without difficulty in the past.

Angus says the attitude of Minister Diane Lebouthillier is shocking given her complete lack of interest in going after potential tax cheats who are hiding their assets in offshore tax havens.

The Liberal government is hell-bent on targeting diabetics but is doing nothing about the billionaires who are hiding their assets in tax havens. The Minister has completely ignored the names revealed in the Paradise Papers. Some of them are close friends to the Liberal Party. Meanwhile she is using enormous resources to make life difficult for people living with disabilities.”

Last month, Angus challenged Lebouthillier over the department’s onerous rules on child tax benefits that are leaving many single moms without support. Angus is dealing with one mother who has been cut off her monthly tax credit three times in three years. At this rate, it will mean there is no money for the children at Christmas.

It is time the Trudeau government stepped outside their bubble and realized that ordinary Canadians who play by the rules and pay their share are getting shafted while insiders and cronies continue to get royal treatment.”

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