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Charlie Angus is congratulating the dedication of the Junior Rangers for the role that they play in Northern communities. At a meeting with Attawapiskat youth last week over the suicide crisis, Angus noted that many of the youth leaders were wearing the distinctive sweatshirt and insignia of the Junior Rangers.

"Across the north, the Canadian Rangers play an extraordinary role in training, leadership and public safety. And so I was so thrilled to see that the cadet version of the Rangers is on the ground working with young people in Attawapiskat.”

Angus says the work of the Rangers in building leadership and community is part of the much larger positive role of the cadet programs across the region. Whether it's the Major McCarthy air cadets in Iroquois Falls, the Sea Cadets, Army Cadets and Navy League in Timmins or the active branches in Englehart, Kirkland Lake, the Tri Towns and Cochrane, the cadet program is active and strong.

Angus is thanking the volunteers who make these programs possible.

"The cadet program offers opportunities for kids from working-class backgrounds to travel, develop skills and become leaders. I call on the government to continue to support the program. Don't mess with a good thing. The grass roots nature of the cadet program is the secret of its success.”

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