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OTTAWA - In the House of Commons today, Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus honored Lou Battochio for his many years of community service to the north. Battochio, the former long-time city councilor, passed away last week.

Angus says Lou’s story is the story of the Porcupine. “His Italian immigrants came to the mining town of Schumacher. Lou spent many years as a rink rat at the Mac…He was a coach, referee, teacher, community organizer and politician.”

Angus says what made Battochio special is that he spent his 9 decades on earth trying to make the world a better place. “He held court every day at the McIntyre Coffee Shop and loved talking politics….whether it was municipal or Donald Trump. I loved talking with Lou and his wonderful wife Cecile. They dedicated themselves to the community.”

Angus says Heaven is about to welcome an angel…and also get an earful. “Go to the heavens Lou… your spot at the table is waiting.”

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