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What they’re saying about Budget 2017

The Liberals had an opportunity in budget 2017 to build an economy that lifts everyone up, not just the few at the top. Unfortunately they decided to defend the interests of wealthy insiders and told everyday Canadians to take a back seat.

“If you’re an infrastructure bankroller or a billionaire tax dodger, today is a good day. For working Canadians, not so much.” – Mark Hancock, CUPE National President

“There’s nothing new in the budget for First Nations children and their families, in child welfare, or their implementation of the Jordan’s Principle, even though they’ve been found out of compliance with legal orders to stop that inequality. It’s a moral issue: is Canada so broke that the finance minister and the Prime Minister have made a deliberate choice to discriminate against little kids?” – Cindy Blackstock, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society

“The Canadian Medical Association is disappointed that the federal budget tabled today in the House of Commons by Finance Minister Bill Morneau has missed an important chance to begin building a much-needed national seniors strategy.” – Canadian Medical Association

“Economic growth is meaningless if it’s enjoyed only by a lucky few. The measures in today’s budget will do little to address the big issues facing Canadians.” – Senior Economist David Macdonald, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

"The budget misses crucial protection for nature — the backbone for a healthy environment and thriving economy." - David Suzuki Foundation

“Not only does Ottawa not provide sufficient funding to the provinces, but these funds will be free to be used to various ends. It would have been more encouraging for people without adequate housing if Ottawa had dedicated amounts specifically to social housing.” - Le Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU)

“Bottom line, this budget doesn’t do enough for our Veterans and their families. How long do Veterans have to wait?” – David Flannigan, Dominion President, Royal Canadian Legion

“Agriculture is a crucial part of the Canadian economy but it needs government support. Unfortunately, the help offered to producers has been steadily declining since 2003, while production conditions are becoming increasingly risky and complex. The Canadian government can and must do more for the agricultural sector.” - Marcel Groleau, President of the Union des producteurs agricoles

“Canada’s first gender-based budget is like a friend who oozes sympathy over coffee but can’t find cash when the check comes: It falls short, but means well.” – Erin Anderssen, Globe & Mail



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