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Charlie Angus is praising the work of federal civil servants in Timmins who have turned the community into a major processing centre. Angus took a tour of the two Service Canada offices and was impressed at how much the federal presence has grown in Timmins. The Timmins office has become a major processing centre for pension claims, disability issues and income support programs.

"People think of Timmins as a blue-collar economy but the large pool of educated, bilingual workers has made our community a very competitive hub for the stable and long term jobs in the federal civil service."

Angus says he remembers the days when there was real concern about outsourcing civil service jobs from the region. Now, the region is drawing work because of the professionalism and dedication of the growing hub network in Timmins.

"The civil service workers in Timmins are a credit to our region and to Canadians. These 200+ jobs are good paying and stable. They help to offset the ups and downs of a boom-bust economy. As well, these workers do great things for people who need answers about their pensions. Good work team."


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