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I want to thank the hundreds of you who participated in my September survey about where our party should go in the age of inequality.

Since launching this action on the new Team Charlie Angus Website, this survey had the highest number of unique participants! It was encouraging to see so many people call for an ambitious NDP with big ideas about how we can make a dramatic change to our economy from the grassroots on up.

So here's what the survey found:

On the rise of a new working-class, made up of a diverse coalition of blue-collar, white-collar, and service and care workers, the vast majority of you agreed that the NDP needs to change how it does politics. Over half of you thought that we should respond to the changes in the workforce by decentralizing the economy and emphasizing worker-led and community-driven projects and programs. A little under half of you thought that we should push for higher legislated wages and better conditions in Parliament.

In terms of big ideas, the NDP should look at more closely, just over half of you thought that we should examine ways of dramatically expanding co-operatives and democratic investment tools. Over a third thought a basic income should be the top priority.

There was a clear consensus – just over three-quarters of you – that the NDP needs to be more boldly left-wing on economic issues in the coming election, and a majority thought that the traditional NDP pitch of funding social programs by closing tax loopholes won’t cut it for the realities of the 21st century.

I also asked what you thought the role of the NDP in our political system should be and received some great responses.

"Be leading-edge, risk-taking, inspiring positive change, community-supported and community-driven."

"The role of the NDP should continue to be social, political and economic conscience of society. A party the continues to seek equity for people and stewards of lands and resources. A party that fights for the rights of First Nations people and works to ensure treaty and inherent rights of First Nations people are recognized and practised."

"Compete to govern. NDP more relevant than ever."

"Well now, that’s the question, isn't it. Should the party aim to be “electable” and then once in power, institute it’s policies within the mandate of having to govern for all? Or is it preferable to be firm in it’s commitment to progressive social and environmental policies, and a recognition that the economic system is structured to progressively increase the income gap, and needs to be changed? I favour the second approach. By giving progressives a firm foundation to believe in and feel supported by, I think the party could go a long way toward countering absence of alienation."

Friends, you’ve given me a lot to think about this month.

There’s a real desire for our party to take the lead on breaking the mold of stale economic thinking, and building new coalitions of voters to form government and create real economic democracy in Canada. I’ll keep working for you in Ottawa to get us closer.

Our October-November survey is now open. Click here to participate and please share with your family and friends.

Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts. Charlie

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