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SCHUMACHER STANDS UP: Time to Organize and Move Forward

Residents of Schumacher gathered Saturday at the Croatian Hall to discuss the future of the town. The meeting was organized by the Schumacher Arts Culture and Heritage Association.

Rob Knox says it's time to get people together and come up with a plan to move forwward. "We don't want to reflect on the pass failures but instead look to the future. But to do it, we need the people of Schumacher to want to do it and step up."

Timmins-James Bay MPP Gilles BIsson says there is provincial money available. "We can get funding to help renovate and expand facilities. But this project must be driven by the citizens. If Schumacher shows it has strong unified support, then the Ontario Government will get behind it."

Former Schumacher City Councillor Lou Battachio says it's the next generation that needs to make this happen. "Look around the room and you see mostly older people. We remember the glory days because we contributed. Where are the younger people. They need to be here and take it to the next step."

Amoung the concerns were Schumacher Public School, the Mcintyre Arena Complex, the headframe and the main street.

Recommendations put forward include:

1...establish a task force to study the effects of almalgamation and to preserve and revitalize Schumacher.

2...maintain Schumacher Public School.

3...establish a Schumacher community revitalization agency.

4...preserve and protect heritage for identity and revitalization. government funding for infrastructure

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