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NDP statement on the 50th anniversary of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women

"50 years ago, the Royal Commission on the Status of Women exposed widespread discrimination against women and set forth a clear plan to promote women’s rights.

The Commission led to the establishment of Status of Women Canada, and the appointment of a Status of Women Minister. Most importantly, it empowered a new generation of strong feminists and activists.

Today, we stand with Canadian women celebrating progress on gender equality, and calling for real action.

Over the past 50 years, women’s rights violations have continued. Canada has fallen from first to 25th on the United Nations Gender Equality Index.

Unfortunately, successive Liberal and Conservative governments have ignored the Commission’s recommendations and cut social programs exacerbating inequality for women.

It is more important than ever that we stand together for this common cause. The progress towards equality was made possible because women and allies spoke up, marched, and fought for the rights of future generations.

New Democrats believe the federal government has a crucial role to play in advancing gender equality through strong social programs, such as affordable housing, childcare, healthcare, and legal aid. All of which, create equality for women."

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