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Liberals must come clean on airport privatization plan

New Democrats were shocked to learn that despite assurances that they would not consider selling off our airports, the Liberals have secretly hired new experts to advise them on how to do exactly that.

The Liberals campaigned on a promise to invest in public infrastructure and revitalize the economy so that everyone could benefit. Instead they created a privatization bank to create private infrastructure and profits for corporations. Now we learn that they are deceiving the public and considering privatizing airports. We cannot let this happen.

As we have seen in other countries, the privatization of airports means services will suffer and user fees increase. Here in Canada, many have spoken out against the plan to privatize airports, including the Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver airport authorities, two municipal councils and Air Canada.

The NDP is launching a campaign against the privatization of airports. We will continue to call on the government to stop putting the needs of their well-connected friends ahead of those of Canadians, and commit to keeping infrastructure public.

We have some of the best airports in the world. Canadians have already paid to develop them and they shouldn’t be saddled with extra user fees.

Canadians never voted for a privatization plan and shouldn’t be forced to pay for it either.

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