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Charlie Angus is warning residents of the latest phone scam happening in this region. Angus has heard from constituents who say they have been getting phone calls from imposters claiming to be from the Visa fraud center or Bank Fraud Center. These calls ask residents to turn over personal banking information. 

Angus says this is a fraudulent phone call and you should call your bank to notify them of possible attempted transactions.

People are being told that they have to send money thru Western Union at Wal-Mart. Don’t do anything. Hang up or tell them that you are calling the police. Banks don’t operate this way.”

Angus says this is a perfect time of year for these scammers.

Fraudsters are getting smarter and more aggressive. They also like to call very early when people may be half asleep. It is always better to take the side of caution and hang up rather than engage with these people.”

Angus urges you to also call police to advise them of the latest scams going on in our region. 

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