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GOUGED AT THE PUMPS -- EVEN BANK OF CANADA AGREES: Federal and Provincial Liberals Energy Policies a

The latest Bank of Canada report shows the record low price of oil that has rocked Canada’s economy hasn’t been matched by changes to prices at the pumps. High gas prices along with high hydro rates are adding to growing inequality in the north. While hydro remains a mismanaged disaster for the provincial Liberals, Charlie Angus says the federal Liberals need to show some leadership on gas gouging.

“Whenever the price of a barrel of oil goes up the gas pumps immediately register an increase. Meanwhile we have seen oil prices drop 75 per cent over the last few years and yet the price at the pumps remains high. Who is kidding who here? So the question is: will the Trudeau liberals stand up for consumers or for the big oil interests.”

In previous parliaments, Angus has written the Competition Bureau and been frustrated by their unwillingness to take on gas price gouging in the North. This is why the New Democrats have been pushing for a Gasoline Ombudsman to bring some fairness.

"There is no real competition on gas prices. There is no sign that the big oil players are willing to pass along the lower price to consumers. Meanwhile the gouging of 10 or 20 cents on the litre is hurting families and businesses across the north. Action is needed.”

From today’s Bank of Canada Monetary Policy Report.


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