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As the new Liberal government prepares for its first budget, Charlie Angus says it is vital to recognize the importance of mining to the northern economy. One of the clear ways of doing this is to maintain the mineral exploration tax credit that the Liberals cancelled during their last tenure in power. The credit was reintroduced in the last Parliament by the government of Stephen Harper following pressure from the NDP.

Speaking in the House last week, Angus called on the government to provide a commitment to the environment that is consistent with maintaining a strong mineral sector.

“Representing a resource-based region I have seen the huge downturn in the commodities cycle and we are seeing lay-offs and mine closures. What I have been hearing from people in the mineral sector is they want good clear environmental policies to build trust with First Nation communities. But they also want to know if this government will maintain the mineral exploration tax credit to help find the next generation of mines.”

Angus says the closure of the century old Dome Mine in Timmins is a sign of the importance of supporting the search for new ore deposits. He says mining can be done in a sustainable manner in the 21st century.

“Let’s get the balance between good clear environmental direction and maintaining the support we need for the resource economy in our region.”

Angus says he will continue to push for clear federal support for the resource sector of the north.


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