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April   /  25   /   2018

New Democrats are calling on the Liberals to fix the bankruptcy laws that put their wealthy insider friends ahead of hardworking Canadians.


When companies get run into the ground by Wall Street-style management, it’s the workers who pick up the tab.


We need to fix our laws to put workers at the head of the line. Pensions are deferred wages, and workers deserve to be paid what they’re owed.


NDP MP Scott Duvall has been leading the charge on pensions.

Your pension is worth protecting


Pensions are not a gift from employers. They are the result of money that workers deferred from their wages. By law, workers are entitled to their pensions when they retire.


But during bankruptcy proceedings, many companies often choose to divert, withhold or seize those funds, leaving hardworking employees empty-handed.


The law could easily be changed to put workers at the front of the line, but the Liberals keep allowing corporations to go on paying their CEOs first, while employees are forced to wait at the back of the line.


We all deserve to retire with dignity, with the pension we worked for.


Canadian pension laws lag far behind the U.S. and EU countries, where workers’ pensions are better protected. There is no reason for Canadian workers to lose the pensions they’ve paid into their whole careers.


While Justin Trudeau protects his millionaire finance minister, the NDP is introducing measures to protect workers’ pensions.


New Democrats want to create an economy that works for everyone, not just a few at the top.

You can read the details of  Petition E-1478 (Bankruptcy) here.

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