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it's time to ensure THE FUTURE OF CANADA POST

January   /  24   /   2018


The massive infrastructure of Canada Post reaches every part of this country. We should get creative about making this public asset work for us: there are opportunities for banking, drone services, food delivery in the North and more.


Canada Needs Postal Banking!


Postal Banking provides service in the communities big banks have abandoned. Postal Banking is an affordable alternative to payday lenders who charge crippling fees and prey on Canadians of low income.


Postal Banking gives equal access to financial services for Canadians in remote, rural and Indigenous communities. Postal Banking works in countries all over the world. There’s no reason it wouldn’t work here.


NDP MP Irene Mathyssen’s Private Member’s Motion M-166 calls for a study and plan to implement postal banking under the Canada Post Corporation. The time for Postal Banking is now!


You can support postal banking by:


1. Printing and sending a letter of support for Motion M-166 to your Member of Parliament.


2. Share this information, page, video and links on social media.

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Thank you for taking the time to write - your support mean so much.

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